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The rise of digital printing has given businesses the ability to carry out small, targeted on-demand print runs and, as an industry, is set to grow to a mammoth estimated £200bn by 2025. Putting your business in the hands of your customers.

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What We Offer

Nicholls Designs offers 3 main services one being print & graphic design. Whats the benefit of using us, we like to use our expertise to design creative solutions to raise the level of graphic content. 

We pride ourselves on the ability to start or pick up on the project at any point in the project and guide and educate our customers to the right solution. We specialise in working with companies where we can create the content that goes with the graphic design through using product rendering as we can ensure high quality imagery in any view to best show off the product.


Engaging and creative brochure design that focuses on providing the user with a clear, concise and consistent message that allows the person reading the brochure understand and comprehend the information that they needed to progress with the business.

Brand Guidelines

We start by conducting a search of the business that we feel there is inconsistency in message. We then proceed with creating the guidelines with examples of colours, fonts and messages with examples so that all range of media is consistent.


From colours to fonts to tagline and messaging, most businesses need a consistent message. Nicholls designs offers branding services to create material that enables your business to show a clear and concise message to your customers.


We spend time researching and talking to you to understand the vision, values and personality of your brand. This is vital to capture a design that encapsulates your business, the service and/or product that you provide.

Flyers/Business Cards

Need help advertising your business but do not know where to start or find that stock service businesses like vista-print do not provide a stock solution that encompasses your brand. Nicholls Designs provides high quality flyer and business card designs.

Image Background Removal

We have found that many businesses need a helping hand with marketing, one of the ways that Nicholls Designs can add value to your business is helping with making sure your images are on a white background and colour corrected.

An Extension of  Your Marketing Department

Whether you are a small business, start-up company or a large corporate business, we take the time to research, understand and immerse ourselves in your project with creativity, logic, and integrity. We take pride in everything we produce, every small detail, every pixel, without breaking your budget.

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Looking for digital design services? Nicholls Designs is a Freelance Design business based in Hertfordshire with a customer based located across the U.K. If you’re looking for some digital help for your business, please let me know.

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