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Nicholls Designs provide engaging, elegant and forward-thinking digital design focused on user experience, responsiveness and search engine optimisation.

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What We Offer

Nicholls Designs offers 3 main services one being digital design and marketing. The digital service is all about providing a high quality service around helping businesses and individuals build a high quality, responsive and performing website that allows customers to find that website.

We pride ourselves on the ability to start or pick up on the project at any point in the project and guide and educate our customers to the right solution. We offer not only help on the build of the website the security, the hosting and the promotion of that website.

Website Design

Engaging and creative web design that focuses on the users experience, that is responsive and search engine optimised. All Websites need to be able to generate leads and not just be a shop window to your business. We offer a range of website design services for all business sizes both advertisement and e-commerce.


Do I need hosting? Yes, hosting is what allows your website to go be accessible from the internet. We want to make sure that you know that your website is secure and being regularly checked for errors by offering shared and designated hosting services on an affordable monthly basis.

Pay Per Click

A great PPC campaign starts with deep research and analysis to understand your industry and competitors from an Adwords Perspective. We will analyse your required search terms and present to you the optimal strategy for a successful PPC campaign that targets potential customers.

Search Engine Optimisation

We start by conducting a free, no-obligation technical SEO audit on your website or potential market. This allows us to see where exactly the website is doing well and where the website is underperforming. This helps form the basis in regard to setting your expectations as to what can be achieved and within agreed timescales.


From Email creation and configuration to email marketing, Nicholls Designs can help you with your technical set up but also advertise and communicate with your customers via email marketing creating the design, writing the copy and running the campaign across any email marketing platform that you are using.

Social Media

From creating social media content to running the channel Nicholls Designs can help. We can create engaging designs that clearly communicate your message to your customers on a up to daily basis, from animations to static content across Linkedin, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and WeChat.

Examples of Website Design

Most of our client’s websites are built upon WordPress – a leading content management system (CMS) that is used to build over 35% of the world’s websites. WordPress is not only a great platform for designers & developers, but it also enables clients to make simple changes to their content using a user-friendly interface/editor. We also provide training for this if needed, we additionally offer an optional maintenance package if you would like us to consistently maintain the site.

Mobile Solutions

We make sure that all websites are mobile responsive in an age where mobile usage has increased dramatically. More and more people now use their mobile phone as a way to find more information about your company. 

Your Digital Partner

Whether you are a small business, start-up company or a large corporate business, we take the time to research, understand and immerse ourselves in your project with creativity, logic, and integrity. We take pride in everything we produce, every small detail, every pixel, without breaking your budget.

Let’s Work Together

Looking for digital design services? Nicholls Designs is a Freelance Design business based in Hertfordshire with a customer based located across the U.K. If you’re looking for some digital help for your business, please let me know.

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