Why You Should Hire a Freelance Designer

Reasons why I think freelance designers are a cost effective way to dramatically improve your companies image and how they compare to using an agency.

Freelancers Are Cost-Effective

As a logical business person, the first thing that would come to your mind while hiring any help will undoubtedly be the ‘cost’. And, there’s no second opinion to the fact that freelancers are the most cost-effective choice.

As freelancers are individual contractors, they don’t need to maintain an office or pay staff as is the case with marketing agencies. Even if a freelancer has set-up his office, it would be much smaller than marketing agencies. Further tax liabilities and other government-imposed obligations of an individual too are negligible as compared to well-established business agencies.

Experiences and Skills Shown by Freelancers Are More Reliable

List of experiences, recommendation letters from previous clients, LinkedIn testimonials, etc. are much more reliable in case of freelancers. There’s no risk in assuming these things as a proof of their skills and the level of their service delivery. Creditability has been earned by the designers themselves.

The Communication with A Freelancer Is More Effective

A designer needs to understand your expectations, your vision and your mission to portray the design reflecting your company’s soul. You can communicate your message more effectively to a freelance designer as it would be one-to-one communication.

When you hire an agency for your company’s requirement, your communication is mostly with the person responsible for managing relationships with clients rather than the designer himself. Whatever you communicate travels through a channel to the designer. Some valuable message can get lost or distorted in the whole process.

Freelancers Have More Flexible Working Hours

At times you may need some design jobs to be done urgently. If you are ever stuck in such a situation; no one but a freelancer can come to your rescue. The flexible working hours are not only a luxury for freelancers themselves; the flexibility may sometimes prove a boon to the clients too.

With Freelancers, You Can Be Sure of Faster Delivery

Hiring freelancers are not only cost-effective but time-effective too. Due to the absence of middle-men, the work cycle runs faster with a freelance graphic designer.

With a freelancer, you get your designs as soon as the designer finalises them. There’s no time lag between completion of design and its delivery. And you can also give your comment instantly and get the design rectified faster.

Freelance Designers often Produce a Higher Quality of Work

Designers with great designing skills and creativity like to work independently rather than in bondage of employment. These highly-skilled professionals take the challenge of freelancing as they are confident enough to make a mark in the industry with their skills. So, when you are hiring an independent designer, you are engaging more skilled and confident professional.

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