3D Product Rendering

Product Rendering is the creation of a image that represents a product in a photo realistic way. It is done through taking 3D computer files used for manufacturing processes, taking those files and importing them in a rendering software.

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What We Offer & The Process

Nicholls Designs offers 3 main services one being 3D Product Rendering. Whats the benefit of using us, we have a large database of materials and lighting options due to the amount of renders we have created.

We pride ourselves on the ability to start or pick up on the project at any point in the project and guide and educate our customers to the right solution. We specialise in working with companies where we can create the content for them. Product Rendering has a lot of benefits and can be a cost effective way creating high quality content.

Opening Conversation

We spend time researching and talking to you to understand the vision, values and personality of your brand. We take this time to understand if we can work with the 3D files and bill of materials you may have.

Requesting 3D Files

We don't create CAD files for manufacture, we use the ones that you're using for manufacturing machines and use them in a way that your marketing team can use. We need a .stp assembly file of your product.

Colours & Materials Rules

We have found that many businesses need a helping hand with content creation but are concerned about accuracy we make sure we use the BoM to make sure we are accurate. We do warn that depending on the users screen.

Render Test

Once we have a 3D Manufacturing file from you that fits the parameters that we need it too, we create a watermarked view of the product to show you the capabilities of what we can do, in terms of views and accuracy of the render.

Checks & Approval

Once we have done the test tender we send it back to you and want your feedback. Once this is agreed we have a sign off document process that allows us to continue and at that point we create the studio set up which fixes the rendering guidelines.

Full Render Process

Different views, some companies need them for the website some need hero shots and some want exploded views all of which we can do, however as standard we render the products: Front on, Left 3/4 and right 3/4.

An Extension of  Your Marketing Department

Whether you are a small business, start-up company or a large corporate business, we take the time to research, understand and immerse ourselves in your project with creativity, logic, and integrity. We take pride in everything we produce, every small detail, every pixel, without breaking your budget.

Let’s Work Together

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